Bike Riding In Berkeley, CA The New Homestead

Michaela and I recently moved to Berkeley, CA since she is now going to school here.  Pretty cool city in my opinion, much more action compared to Menlo Park, CA which is where we lived the previous 3 years.  Actually there is almost too much stuff going on over here.  Besides the daily student protests, and the action that is happening lately over in Oakland, you have your choice of what activism you want to get involved with.

But on the super bright side, bike riding is happening all around Berkeley.  Since we moved here, I actually am doing even more walking than anything.  I try to only use my car when Michaela and I go to the other side of the Bay.  There is just no need to use car anymore around here.  With grocery stores and shops and restaurants just a quick walk away, its just too easy to walk and ride everywhere.

We currently have our bikes sitting underneath the apartment complex in the laundry room.  There are several other student bikes locked up in there too, and it looks like ours are some of the bikes that actually get used.  So many people go out and buy nice looking bikes, but after a few months of sitting in just one place, they start collecting all sorts of dust and then what?  Leave them in some storage spot for other people to look at I guess.  Anyways, we love Berkeley!

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