Bike Riding in Slovenia

Leaving Buzet Croatia

Buzet was the last town in Croatia that I spent the night.  From there, I headed on bike through the border crossing, which actually took about 10 minutes compared to the usual two or three.  I think they were also just puzzled at me coming through on my bike with touring gear and saddle bags etc… But, once I made it through, I realized really quickly that there was going to be some nasty hills all day long.  I got tired of the hills after a few hours, as they seemed like they would go on forever, so at this point, I finally broke down and boarded a train for the capital of Slovenia called Llublijana.

Llublijana Slovenia

I will for sure get back to this city sometime someday.  This place was all kinds of fun.  Such an incredible mix of things going on there, and awesome looking sites to see.  The people were all very friendly, almost everyone speaks perfect or near perfect english.  What more could you ask for?  Well, I asked the person at the hotel where to get a haircut, and soon enough I was getting a Slovenian haircut by a young Slovenian girl.  It worked out great, and I was super happy.

Biking Out of Llublijana on the Sava River

When it came time to make my way back to Zagreb, I had looked at the map and saw the Sava River as a great path to follow to the Croatian capital city.  So, after about a half hour, I was outside of Slovenia’s capital and back on country roads.  This was also a great day of bike riding.  I managed to make my way all the way to the town of Sevnica, Slovenia.  Along the way I stopped at a few places, one place I remember quite well as it was a small restaurant and coffee bar.  There were some young folks working there who were out of school for the summer and they were very helpful in telling me where to go and what to do etc… They were also wondering why I was on such a long bike ride all by myself.  That always seems to be the common question.

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