Biking from Gracac to Knin Croatia

Gracac to Knin, Croatia by Bike

The BIG Hill

Not too long after getting back on the road and heading towards the wild west town of Knin, Croatia, there is a very large hill or actually, I would say it is even a mountain.  It was the biggest mountain I biked on the entire trip, and thankfully I had a good night sleep and a great dinner the night before, otherwise, I’m not sure I would have made it to Knin before the late hours of the evening.  Again, the road conditions were great, there were not many cars at in this stretch of road from Gracac to Knin.  The one concern I had was with regards to land mines.  The father at the house I stayed the night before told me to be careful and to “NEVER” go off the road as the whole entire area was mined during the war.  There were signs posted all over the highway stating the exact same thing.  So, please, stay on the road if you decide to bike this area too.  Why on earth do people setup land mines?  Such waste of time and effort and money and lives doing stuff like that.

The town of Knin, Croatia

Staying and getting to Knin was a highlight for me.  I had been reading about this town in my guide book for several months, and for some reason it stuck out to me as a place I wanted to visit for sure.  Sure enough, I made it there.  This town is characterized by many Croatians as the wild west, cowboy style town.  The rule of law just might not be the same as in other parts of the country.  I think it is fair to say that outsiders from other parts of Croatia look down on Knin as a subordinate/ second rate town too.  This is strange to me.  I don’t understand exactly why because to me, everything about the place was pretty darn cool and interesting.  Especially the people I met there.

Hotels and Places to Stay in Knin

This is where things might get a bit interesting for you if you stumble in here on bike.  I had no idea where to stay, and I was a bit lost in terms of figuring out the map my book had.  So, like all good travellers, I went into a coffee shop much like I had done the day before in Gracac.  This time, the young girl working there was not very helpful, and the young guy patron was not too helpful for me either.  Actually, that’s not true, the girl told me to go to “restaurant Tri-Lovca” which is exactly where I stayed.  I guess I just remember her not being too friendly with me which kinda pissed me off momentarily.

Restaurant Tri-Lovca is a great place to stay and eat.  It is run by orthodox Christians I believe.  And they were all super friendly.  The price for the night was somewhere in the $15/night range, and the room was huge and worked just fine.  I was even invited to watch them slaughter the pigs and lambs at six in the morning.  This was also a unique experience.

That night that I was there in Knin, I met a few guys who took me out to the local night clubs and discos.  What was really interesting was that the first part of the night I was with some Bosnians doing their thing, and the end of the night I was with some Croatians at a totally different club.  From what I could tell, these two groups of people still segregate themselves from eachother, but there was no hostility when walking down the street and the two groups of people would be next to eachother.  Also, I am sure there were Serbians and other groups mixed in, and no real issues.

2 thoughts on “Biking from Gracac to Knin Croatia”

  1. curious on your rides to croatia… My friend and I are headed that way and are a bit anxious about the hilly terrain on bikes? Any insight.

    thanks much, borden

  2. Hey Borden,
    I might be too late in getting back to you, and I apologize for that, but in the end, heck yeah, depending on where you go, there are some hills to deal with. I had the nastiest one going from Gracac to Knin, it was about two hours maybe a bit more of some serious climbing, but in a crazy way, it was pretty enjoyable.

    If you plan on doing 50 km’s per day, you’re gonna run into hills on and off all day in much of the country, but you can always take nice breaks and slow down or just go less and you if you’re in decent shape you should be fine. I was in pretty good shape at the time and was packing about 45 pounds of gear in my bags, and often come the end of the days I was sweating like a slave, but still loved it.

    Croatia is a friggin incredible country, way cool folks there and super hospitable, especially if you’re not there in the heat of the touristy July August season.

    best of luck to you!

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