On day 2, I ended up spending the night in Karlovach. As I was new to the country, I was still weary of sleeping in anything other than a hostel or hotel. So, the most expensive room of the two month trip went down in Karlovach for about $60 for the night. I did meet a great person there named Marko, who worked in the hotel, we even went out for a drink later that night. I still keep in contact with him by email. The city was/is still heavily part of the Croatian military. You can see some buildings that have been effected by the past war.

This to the right was the hotel room in Buzet, I had been biking in the rain all day long and just wanted to take a super hot shower, did not happen, but that was fine after the initial understanding was hard to take. When I mean biking in rain, I mean biking in the middle of hours of long thundershowers. People in cars were probably laughing at me. But, it was kinda fun, especially once I met some locals at the local bar. This one man took me around town in his car. he took me to another bar, where he bought me a few more beers, and then dropped me back off at the hotel. He was pretty funny, even though it was rather hard to communicate.

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