Korcula Island on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Korcula Island

The island of Korcula was a real treat to make it to.  I had to take the ferry from Dubrovnik to get there, but it was well worth the trip.  And the actual ferry trip itself was actually quite fun.  There are several islands that you can visit if you are in Croatia.  Korcula happens to be the island where Marko Polo is from.

I didn’t really do much bike riding in Korcula, but the first night I did spend the night at a campground.  After being semi-attacked by bees there, I decided to rent out a room at a private house for the next two nights.  The island is not too big, and without knowing too much to do, I pretty much just walked around all the time and tried to just poke around.  There is a pretty impressive old town/main part of the downtown.  I ate at a few restaurants there and did the normal relax all day with some coffee stuff.  It was pretty relaxing, and so beautiful on this island too.  Being out in the Adriatic Sea and not with any cares at all definitely has its rewards.

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