Youth Hostel in Mendoza Argentina and the Big Dinner BBQ Night

youth hostel in mendoza argentina
Mendoza Youth Hostel Argentina

This was the youth hostel that I stayed at in Mendoza Argentina.  I ended up staying there for two nights.  For the most part, I remember it being a great time.  There was a couple who was from England, it was a white guy and an Asian or Malaysian wife.  They were married and super cool people.  They were traveling by bike just like me, but they had been rumbling through South America for something like three or four months.  Quite impressive.  I hope they had a great rest of their trip.

Also, I had the coolest experience in mendoza on the day after this BBQ.  I went river rafting with Rafting Andios guide company.   It cost about $50 to Go river rafting in the Andes mountains for the entire day.  That also included the transportation.  Anyways, it is MOST DEFINITELY WORTH EVERY PENNY.  I highly recommend you do it too.  Your youth hostel you stay at will be able to arrange it for you. Just ask them or tell them you want to go river rafting in the mountains.

Here are some notes I took after the river rafting trip in Mendoza Argentina.  You can see that it made a big impact as I rarely write notes.

rafting trip notes
mendoza river rafting notes from diary
notes from rafting in argentina
rafting notes page 2

2 thoughts on “Youth Hostel in Mendoza Argentina and the Big Dinner BBQ Night”

  1. can you give me more details about the dinner in the hostel and tell me if it was free or how much
    tanks so much

  2. Hey there Josefina,
    the dinner was prety much a massive Grilling experience, all types of steak, chicken, meats etc… you know, Argentinean style. I don’t remember the cost as it was several years ago, but I don’t think it was more than 25 argentine pesos which included drinks and all the food. I was on a tight budget back then so I would not have paid anymore than that. Are you headed down there? and when are you planning on going?

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